Property Management


IMGRail Consulting’s Railroad Property Management Division can provide a turnkey solution for management of your railroad property or tailor a management program to meet you specific property management requirements.


Through our Property Management services our clients have increased time to devote to their core business of freight transportation. We have an extensive track record of increasing revenues, reducing risk and lowering operating expenses for our clients’ over the past 25 years.


Our turnkey Property Management service starts with a desk audit of all License Agreements.  Our experienced staff reads every page of every agreement to provide accurate data to be incorporated into IMG’s proprietary data base, facilitating instant access to data required by your railroad.


Because of IMG’s extensive background in railroad Property Management, established relationships with most major utility companies, knowledge of industry standard rates and experience in negotiating License Agreements, past and current clients have found that IMG consistently generates more revenue than your in-house staff. Our taking over these tasks will free up staff to work on more productive projects while also freeing up your time.


Current clients use our total Property Management service; however, we would be open to design a package of services appropriate to your railroad’s specific requirements.

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